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ZZZAP What can I do for ya?

Hello. My name is Reggie but I seem to go by the name "Frog" now. I like to keep things sparky, and that's not just a term of speech. I'm with the Prey.

Hey Taz, I can’t offer ya much of anythin except for somethin I can build. Is there anythin that I can make for your birthday gift?

((It’s what he lives for. Now everyone has to ask him for one.))
((but what is he workin on))
((Some kindo glove that can shoot off built-up super pulses of electricity. Also can probably pack a pretty punch if not used in that way.))
((Here have a Frog working on something))

((Here have a Frog working on something))

If you did, I would grow my goatee out just so we could go as dwarven warriors or something for Halloween.
Taz, that might just possibly be the only time I’d try it, and it’s only cause of the offer that ya made.

Anonymous said: You never know until you try.

I don’t think I’m gonna try it anytime soon, though

Anonymous said: Why don't you grow a beard to your knees?

I don’t think ya honestly wanna see me with a beard to m’knees.

Also, I’m not sure that’d be possible for me.

Okay I’ll admit it, that was me.
I feel like I shoulda been expectin that one from you, Taz

Anonymous said: Is it true you've grown a beard down to your knees?

Now hold on a moment, who’s been goin around sayin that?

Also, no, it isn’t true. Sorry to break the fact to ya, anon.

Anonymous said: Do you still mess with your lazer harp?

Yeah, occasionally. I was away for a while like a lotta people were, but I mess with it when I got the time for it. It’s in the den ‘n all that for everybody to mess with it, ‘course, I mess with it when no one’s around. I play it a little better than I used to. And I’m still pretty proud of buildin it.